What you will learn in Part 2

I create templates like these when I attend conferences or any learning sessions and then add in my own notes. Creating the notes helps me to concentrate and filter out the key points, which I can then refer to at a later date.

I also use the drawing skills to create PowerPoint slides, flip charts and other drawings.

It has been shown that writing your own notes helps to cement the learning much more deeply than typing in on a keyboard.

You will learn how to create figures, faces, some fonts and some fiddly stuff.

The elements you will learn will help you to create attractive flip charts too. It doesn't matter whether you use pens and paper or a tablet and stylus with a drawing app.

Hi, I’m Krys

I have been doodling all my life but in recent years have been using my drawings in flip charts, PowerPoints and even my book "How Not To Waste Your Money On Training".

I believe everyone can learn to draw, given clear and simple, step-by-step instructions.

I will be your guide on this journey and hope you get as much joy from doodling as I do!


The price for part 2 only

Create some stick people in different poses

Create some lovely fonts

Create some fiddly stuff to add interest